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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

    Software & Inteligence

    Panduit delivers physical infrastructure solutions for application throughout several core areas: data center, connected buildings, enterprise networks, industrial automation, andOEM/MRO. Available soft wares:

    • DCIM
    • SmartZoneOverview
    • 6 ZoneMethodology
    • Data Center Management
    • Enterprise Management
    • Intelligent Software
    • Intelligent Hardware
    • Advisory Services

      Data Center Management Infrastructure “DCIM” Software

      Panduit’s DCIM software supports operational efficiency by enabling asset and connectivity tracking, auto-discovery, and capacity search. Track and automate documentation of all connected assets utilizing DCIM solutions to speed deployments, reduce MTTR, and improve SLA support.

        Capacity & Cennectivity

        Panduit’s DCIM software suggests multiple suitable locations for your new asset deployments helping clients maximize utilization. “Best Fits” software and solution  determine’s multiple optimal placement locations based on space, power, and connectivity, creates work orders, and shows the correct patching required. Panduit’s Capacity usage percentages show how much of the total power, space and connectivity is being utilized at rack-level, helping you monitor available resources and prevent unexpected shortages.