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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

Data Center Consulting

ARPCO operates as full-service data center consulting, engineering, and designing expert specialized in the following disciplines:

  • Data Center Planning & Pre-Design
  • Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis
  • Data Center Feasibility Consulting
  • Data Center Computational Fluid Dynamic Services
  • Data Center Site Selection
  • Data Center Project Cost Estimating
  • Data Center Availability & Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Energy Usage Assessment Service
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment Service
  • Data Center Renovation
  • Data Center Optimization Evaluation
  • Data Center Routing and Switching Planning & Feasibility
  • Data Center Server Planning & Feasibility
  • Data Center Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Protection Planning & Feasibility