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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

Rack/Cabinet-Mounted Power Distribution Units

  • APC Metered Rack PDU
  • APC Switched Rack PDU
  • Raritan Dominion PX
  • Raritan Remote Power Control
  • Raritan Power Metered

Power Distribution Units or PDUs are used to distribute electric power. Rack-based PDUs are used to take high voltage and current and to reduce it to more common and useful levels, for example from 240V 30 A single phase to multiple 120V 15A or 120V 20A plugs.

Panduit Net-Access Switch Cabinets

  • Inset frame posts create large and accessible vertical pathways for routing cables
  • Modular cable management fingers easily mount to the front and/or back of all four cabinet posts
  • Designed with the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis and thermal lab testing to optimize the thermal performance of network switches requiring side-to-side airflow.
  • Accommodate equipment mounting depths up to 25.9″ (658mm).
  • Innovative, fully integrated, electrically bonded cabinet with a single ground connection to guard against EMI and ESD, and provide a safe current path to ground.
  • Four adjustable equipment mounting rails- available in cage nut or #12-24 threaded with printed rack space identification.
  • Equipment rails have printed rack space numbering that can be oriented numbers up or down.
  • Durable black polyester epoxy powder coat finish.
  • 2,500 lbs. (1134 kg) load rating.
  • Cabinet ships assembled, one per pallet

Rack Cabinets, Custom Server Rack Enclosures and Accessories

We provide a high quality, diversified data center product line underscored by decades of server rack custom design and manufacturing experience. Ideal Data Centers start with ARPCOʼs Rack Enclosure, Data Center Racks and Cabinets which are designed specifically for rack mounted IT equipment. Data center cabinets are growing in size to accommodate the need for more IT capacity in data centers.