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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

    Containerized Datacenters

    Containerized Datacenters provide a fully functional and portable data center inside an ISO container with complete datacenter infrastructureConcerns over power and space limitations, capital and operational expenditures can be now addressed through containerized datacenter.  Rugged, portable and energy efficient containerized datacenters that provide plug & play datacenter capacity inside an ISO container in a fast and cost effective way. Vendor neutral and deployable in virtually any environment, ARPCO’s  Modular containers are available as all-in-one compact units providing a fully functional data center in a pod in standard models of 20’ 40’ and 53’.

      Rugged & Energy Efficient

      1. Rugged Containers.
      2. Reduced CAPEX.
      3. Energy Efficient.
      4. Plug & Play.
      5. Relocatable.
      6. Fast time to market.

        Alternative thinking for large data centers

        • Multiple containers working together
        • Consisting of rack modules, cooling modules, services modules, generator modules and vestibule modules
        • Enables a defined building block approach to DC expansion
        • Multiple types cooling technology can be deployed simultaneously
        • Easy mixing of high and low density areas
        • No requirement for a building
        • Containers can be stacked vertically drastically  reducing required area
        • Enables rapid deployment and expansion