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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

    Facility Monitoring, Management (DCIM) & Control Systems

    Power and Environmental Monitoring products help proactively alert personnel before there is a critical issue and enable remediation without costly down time. Our monitoring products are flexible enough to act as intelligent stand-alone solutions or can be integrated into more comprehensive DCIM and building management systems.

      Data Center Facility Monitoring and Control (DCIM)

      Whether you have a single facility or multiple locations, properly managing data center assets minimizes downtime and ensures business continuity. New highly customizable solutions exist that aid in providing a single point of access for all your monitoring needs. These fully scalable systems can provide the valuable monitoring, alarming, trending and control information needed to not only react, but anticipate potential problems.

      • Turnkey DCIM Solutions
      • Customized Infrastructure Management Solutions
      • Protocol Conversion and Aggregation
      • Comprehensive IT Facility Monitoring

        Data Center Power Usage Monitoring

        Controlling and monitoring power is essential not only for energy reduction efforts but the integrity of the system itself. Historically, most businesses were not overly concerned with energy cost because power was abundant and inexpensive. Times have changed and today facility managers must seek solutions to help them control swelling energy costs without sacrificing security in their system.

        • Intelligent Rack Power Management Software
        •  Outlet and Rack Level Power Administration
        •  Branch Circuit Protection
        • Facility and Multi-Site Consumption Management