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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

LAN Solution

Local area networks play a critical role in the communication infrastructure of the companies. For even smallest businesses, the LAN can be the important aspect of business and its functionality is crucial to their operations, same as the telephones.

In a market segment where the technology is changing periodically, LAN designs can become a complex and confusing process. Even the most advanced users and IT organizations recognize the difficulty in staying side by side of the features and functionality of today’s local area networking equipment. ARPCO offers wide ranges of network designing customized for clients’ needs. With expertise in all local area networking technologies, and extensive server architecture knowledge, we can offer you designs that are optimally suited to your requirements. Our service offerings include: 1) Benchmarking and analysis of existing local area network infrastructures. 2) Thorough needs analysis with client’s technology group. 3) Design of systems and network infrastructure and topology. 4) Identification of single points of failure and mission critical components. 5) Development of specifications for LAN hardware and network management systems. 6) Preparation of bid documents and management of bid process. 7) Coordination and management of equipment install action.

Advanced cabling

  • OM4 and OM3 fibers enable serial 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission over up to 550m link lengths in compliance with the respective standards.
  • The latest IEEE project for parallel data transmission concepts in 100GBase-SR4 networks discuss OM4 bandwidth performance with 4 fibers x 25 Gb/s Ethernet over 100m link lengths.
  • Challenging installation situations and the installation of cables in very small bend-radii have meanwhile made bend-insensitive Multimode fibers (BIMMF) the fiber of choice in LAN and data center cabling. They more and more replace conventional non-BIMMF 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission fibers.

Wireless LAN Applications

  • Enterprise-wide mobility for increased productivity
  • Building-to-building campus connectivity
  • Network redundancy links
  • Voice over WLANs
  • Enabling video over wireless
  • Campus connectivity solutions