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Availability, Reliability and Performance of Communication

Why You Should Upgrade to 802.11ac

The workspace is no longer limited to a corporate desk, retail checkout counter, hospital computer station, or industrial operations room. Modern workers look for reliable wireless access from multiple locations using mobile devices. And more networks are relying on Wi-Fi-enabled Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices such as sensors, thermostats, and wireless cameras.

For IT, this creates the need to deliver highly secure, scalable, reliable mobility to your business or organization. And at the same time, provide a better user experience for your employees and guests. With 802.11ac, organizations benefit from a reliable wireless network that supports a broad range of applications. Network performance is not compromised. In fact, IEEE 802.11ac offers higher performance, reduced interference, and higher speeds than 802.11n.

Prepare Your Network for Tablets

While business leaders are embracing increased workforce mobility, network administrators are struggling to protect their networks from new security threats, frequently making decisions about:

    • What type of access to allow
    • Service level agreements for unmanaged devices
    • How to protect company data

Even before considering these types of questions, you need to consider whether your network is ready for the influx of mobility devices. Find out by viewing this webinar and reading the white paper Is Your WLAN Ready for iPad and Cius?


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